Corfu Map and Travel Guide

With the help of our detailed Corfu map, you’ll be able to navigate through the island’s stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, and pristine beaches. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to make your Corfu vacation a memorable one.

Corfu Map: A General Overview

Corfu, or Kerkyra as it is known in Greek, is the northernmost and second largest of the Ionian Islands. Situated in the Ionian Sea, Corfu rests just off the Western coast of Albania and mainland Greece. The Corfu map reveals an elongated shape, stretching roughly 40 miles from North to South and about 20 miles across at its widest point. A central ridge of hills divides the island into its eastern and western halves.

Town and Villages: The Heartbeat of Corfu

When you first glance at a Corfu map, the island’s main city, Corfu Town, immediately stands out. It’s the island’s heartbeat, teeming with a rich cultural legacy. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Town district features Venetian architecture, the stunning Old Fortress, and the charming Spianada Square – the largest in the Balkans.

Looking beyond Corfu Town, you’ll see a tapestry of traditional villages dotting the island. Each is a gem worth exploring, from the lofty village of Pelekas offering panoramic views of the island, to the quaint beachside charm of Agios Gordios.

Historical Landmarks: A Timeline on the Corfu Map

Tracing the history of Corfu on a map is akin to traveling through time. The island is a historical melting pot, with influences from the Venetians, French, and British. Unmissable sites include the iconic Palace of St. Michael and St. George in Corfu Town, the Byzantine Angelokastro Castle at the northwest tip of the island, and the serene Monastery of Paleokastritsa on the island’s western coast.

Discovering Corfu’s Beaches

One of the main reasons travelers flock to Corfu is its stunning beaches. Our Corfu map features an extensive list of the island’s best beaches, from the popular and bustling to the secluded and tranquil. Some of the top beaches to visit in Corfu include:

Paleokastritsa: Known for its crystal-clear waters and lush green surroundings, Paleokastritsa is a popular beach destination on the island’s west coast. The area also features a charming monastery and several sea caves that you can explore by boat.

Sidari: Home to the famous Canal d’Amour, Sidari is a lively resort town with a variety of bars, restaurants, and water sports activities. The unique rock formations and calm, shallow waters make this beach perfect for families and couples alike.

Agios Gordios: Nestled at the foot of a mountain, Agios Gordios is a picturesque beach with golden sands and turquoise waters. The village offers a range of accommodations, dining options, and activities for visitors to enjoy.

Map of Corfu regions

With a population of approximately 120,000, this picturesque destination spans an area of roughly 58km x 27km. While traversing the island from end to end can be accomplished in a mere few hours, it proves challenging to complete a circular route within a single day due to its winding mountainous paths. Opting to explore either the northern or southern regions would be a wiser choice.

CORFU NORTH: Within this region lies Mount Pantokrator, the majestic pinnacle of Corfu. The terrain boasts an untamed and exquisite charm, adorned with picturesque inlets and enchanting recesses. Additionally, the northeastern area offers captivating vistas, extending over the azure expanse towards the Albanian mainland.

EAST CORFU: The tranquil shores of the northeastern region reveal crystal-clear waters and pebble/shingle coastlines. Scattered among its petite hamlets and ports are splendid villas, ideal for embarking on boat expeditions. As you journey closer to Corfu Town, the resorts grow in size and vibrancy, offering a dynamic atmosphere.

CORFU SOUTH: The southern region of the island houses the infamous (yet transformed) Kavos, but there are numerous quaint hidden gems and practically deserted shorelines awaiting exploration.

WESTERN REGION: The western part of Corfu boasts a collection of breathtaking coastlines, offering magnificent vistas of the setting sun. Many of these beaches are blessed with soft, sandy shores, although some may have a pebbly texture as you head toward the northwest.

Experiencing Corfu’s Villages

Apart from its beaches, Corfu is also known for its charming villages. Using our Corfu map, you can explore these picturesque settlements and immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture and history. Some of the most beautiful villages in Corfu include:

Kassiopi: Located on the island’s northeastern coast, Kassiopi is a traditional fishing village with a lively atmosphere. The village has some stunning beaches and coves and offers a range of activities, including boat trips and water sports.

Lakones: Perched on a hillside, Lakones offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the Ionian Sea. The village’s narrow streets and stone houses give it a unique charm, making it a perfect destination for a leisurely stroll.

Sinarades: A traditional Corfiot village, Sinarades is famous for its beautiful architecture and friendly locals. The village is also home to the Folklore Museum of Corfu, which offers a fascinating insight into the island’s history and culture